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MV Sound N Lights Penang was established to bring colours to Malaysia’s event industries and give a great new experience to our customers in event management. MV Sound N Lights delivers quality audio and lighting, professional technicians, staging, sets, and project management for any event.

A huge diversity of events has been covered over the years, including concert tours, live events, corporate shows, exhibition, open air festivals, branding exercises, sporting, religious gatherings and garden parties.

We spend great deal of time to ensure the uniqueness and quality achieved as accordance. We honor ourselves to participate in these growing markets as a great deal of responsibility by ensuring every customer is satisfied.

MV Sound N Lights is one of the most versatile and well respected companies in today’s marketplace- with a track record that speaks for itself.


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Latest Digital Equipments

When it comes to audio equipment, the digital signal processor is often referred to as a whole machine, but specifically, it is a particular type of microprocessor. The genesis of this processor started in an unlikely of places, first coming about in 1976 in a Speak and Spell. Today when people talk about DSPs they are usually referring to an entire device that hooks up to audio equipment.   
A digital signal processor is a device that hooks between the source of your music to the amplifier. The source is typically a CDJ, but can also be anything that plays audio – such as a smartphone, laptop, DDR, and so forth. The signal that is shot from the source must pass through the DSP on its way to the amplifier. While the Audio signal is passing through you are free to modify the Audio in a way you see fit.

What sets this device apart from others similar to it is that a DSP combines the capabilities of crossovers, equalisers, and line output converters all into one machine. These machines come in plenty of different features – each of which gives the user the ability to customise their music listening experience.

High Performance Speakers

A great speaker or speaker system can transform your listening experience. Most people don’t realise how much depth and clarity they’re missing from their music until they hear it on a pair of speakers that accurately deliver all frequencies.

Qualified Sound Engineer

Sound engineers are responsible for ensuring that the sound during live performances is of the highest quality possible. During large events, they will usually be assisted by audio technicians. Our sound engineers are full patience and ability to stay calm in the highly pressurised situation of a live performance.

They specialise in operating either the on-stage sound for the performers to hear themselves or in managing the sound the audience hears, known as front of house.

  • Work from the mixing desk to control and balance sound levels, adding processing as needed to microphone and instruments feeds, such as equalisation, echo and other effects
  • Implement the changes to the mix as detailed in the Sound Plot throughout the show
  • Work around any problems or issues that arise during the performance.

Our Services

PA System Rental

We can provide PA system rental for all types of event, let it be corporate or home events and all range of budgets for the best quality.

Karaoke Set Rental

Isn’t it fun to sing along to your favourite songs with your loved ones or those who are close to you? We can provide you with karaoke system at your event without any song limits.

Stage Lights Rental

Decorate and illuminate your stage with stage lights to make your event feel more alive and beautiful.

Stage Effects Rental

Use some effects such as smoke machine, stage firework and confetti to make your event look more magical and wonderful. 

Projector & Screen Rental

Share videos of your special moments with a projector for all your guests to watch so that more people can be happy for you.


Professional Emcee

Who wouldn’t want a person to entertain guests by having games, doing mimicry and much more just to make sure guests enjoy the event held?

The Best Experience Ever



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Customer's reviews

MV Sound N Lights is a reliable company in town, always giving top notch service! It's great doing business with them.
Mr. Vinod
SJK(T) Ramakrishna
MV Sound N Lights delivers professional and high-quality sound system. Hiring them was the correct decision, as they provide good and excellent service.
Mr. Vimal
Professional Event Emcee
We are highly satisfied with the service we received and would definitely recommend them to anyone organizing an event
SJK(T) Jawi Penang

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